Connecting Brands and Audience

We are a multi-disciplined team specialising in small to mid sized Australian business looking for a complete solution

for their advertising and marketing needs. Our solutions are modern, creative, innovative, affordable and measurable driving

improved performance for all of our clients. We treat your expenditure with the utmost care, adding value and generating

genuine ROI within reasonable time frames through expertise in campaigns, branding, design, content, advertising, digital & social media.

At Gardner Dixon Hall it is not just about pretty pictures, it is about strategic, well researched creative formulae that produces results.

GDH brings it all together


We combine insightful business thinking with a healthy dose of hard work and modern interpretation. It’s the starting point and guides what we do and the path we take.


Track an exact audience via ad placement and behavioural targeting eliminating wastage. GDH specialise in digital creative & advertising through websites, online, tablet and mobile, content, branding, social and SEO.


It’s how we think - focused on marketing and strategy. We balance insights and experience to help our clients build brands and memorable campaigns. Press, TV, Radio, Outdoor and Digital.


We offer an assortment of value-added services, with access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible to retain in-house (business and marketing, tenders, panels, creative expertise and direction).




The financial value of bringing in a automated brand and digital asset management system should be at the core of every marketer’s decision making. Fast Art leads the world in online variable content publishing – A process where similar advertising materials are run regularly with variations only to copy and/or imagery offering continuity in brand message and imagery. We can facilitate the production, delivery, storage and reporting of artwork in one simple operation at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Craig Gardner

Managing Director, Media Marketing Specialist

30+ years offering strategic marketing, advertising and media advice. Craig is a marketer with vast knowledge and is totally accessible to his clients, forever finding new ways to get tangible results.

Janet Dixon

Financial Director, Production, Account Service

As a co-founding Director of GDH some 24 years ago, Janet has had the extensive experience of working with some high-profile organisations. Ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

David Powell

Creative Director Marketing & Strategy

From working on BHP and ANZ to locally based businesses a breadth of creative experience nationally and internationally with the underlining requirement to deliver positive results for the client.

Anna Moore

Creative Digital Designer

Having completed her Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at RMIT, Anna has an extensive knowledge of the theories of graphic design. She has always had a strong inclination towards illustration, and aims to create work that is both fun and impactful.

Louisa Colquhoun

Advertising Marketing Co-ordinator

Louisa graduated with a bachelor of Communications (Advertising) in 2017. She has had short-term PR and advertising industry placements. Louisa has a creative background but is currently interested in gaining a holistic advertising experience at GDH.


hours on an average Australian’s spend online for personal use (TSN).

95 %

percent of Australian social media users are on Facebook (Yellow Social Media Report).


million readers of printed newspapers in Australia (August, 2014. Source Emma).

7 in 10

people aged 14-44 are using their mobile to access the internet (August, 2014. Source Emma)



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